Criteria For Guinness to Recognise a Kite Buggy World Record

If you wish to make an ‘OFFICIAL’ Kite Buggy World Record, this is the criteria you will need to follow, please download the criteria from Guinness World Records below


Guinness – kite buggy – fastest speed

World Record Evidence Required

Guiness Buggy Speed Record Criteria Guiness Buggy Speed Record Criteria a Guiness Buggy Speed Record Criteria aa Guiness Buggy Speed Record Criteria b

As we all know as a kiting community, Brian Holgate USA, holds the ‘unofficial’ world speed kite buggy record 135.34kmh / 84.10mph.

Now Brian is trying to attempt to get a world record officially recognised by Guinness World Records, this is a monumental task, to get everything in place at the right time with the right conditions. as well I am sure, the rest of the kiting community around the world would like to wish Brian Holgate, and any of the other pioneers of our sport the best of luck with any future World Record attempts, may you stay safe and have the best winds.

Of course, for the rest of the records on, the unofficial records will still have a place here, and we will continue to update every kite buggiers personal best speed or distance from around the world

Good Luck

Our unofficial rules can be found HERE

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