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Flexifoil Navaro

Well done Kieron, it was worth the wait, and congratulations Flexifoil on the vivication of the new buggy Navaro £595.00 RRP


Handles, what make one type better than the other?

Need to buggy soon…

Its been a few weeks since I last got out in the buggy, and last weekends perfect easterly winds I had to miss due to family commitments, still its not long now 7-9th Sep 2012 before the next Bolton Le Sands trip, as long as the beach is dry and we have at least some wind […]

Almost Spring…in Australia with Luke S

  Been a long winter. The first clip with the 12m Speed 3, was gusting from 20 to 30 knots, put the kite up as a test for wind strength, it has amazing depower, full trim strap plus bar out ate up most of the gnarly gusts, the big dunes are just behind the beach […]

Site changes

There have been a few slight changes within the site, for a start the three headers at the very top right of the site have changed, the  popeyethewelder header has now moved to the side menu, and the Records header has been removed, this header was already on the side menu anyway. The two spare […]

Desert Surfers – The Story So far

This buggy resource is growing and growing, here are a few facts from this website As of 18th August 2012 This website first went live on 14th dec 2011, 38,209 people have visited this site in 248 days, averaging 154 vists per day from 134 countries around the world There are now 361 kite buggy […]

Someones getting serious


Kite Buggy Questions & Answers

Get involved via questions Contribute your knowledge and experience to buggiers starting out, some serious questions and some just for fun, you can find all the questions and answers stored on this site HERE      

Hoylake a Pack of Vapors

The UK Peter Lynn Vapor Pilots at Hoylake With a nice tandem suicide gybe at the end.

3000 Sunset Shots

A couple of weeks back I arrived at the beach and found I had to sit out a torrential rain storm while waiting to set up my gear for an evening session. The rain cleared and left a 20mph onshore wind and a fantastic sunset. Ok not the best for speed runs but a great […]


INVITATION WEEKEND – Buggy Racing 15/16 September 2012 SWATK would like to invite competent kite buggiers, who do not have a pilot’s license, to an introductory, amateur racing weekend on 15/16 September. We want to encourage buggiers into the racing scene and thought it would be good to have a virtually FREE weekend for anyone […]

How to shorten your kite lines, Ice buggying

How to shorten your kite lines, Ice buggying. from Gav Mulvay on Vimeo.