Barry Sims Kite Buggying / Videographer

I stumbled upon Barry’s videos on Facebook and was instantly hooked by how they perfectly capture the exhilarating spirit of kite buggying. With 2 1/2 years of buggying under his belt, Barry’s passion shines through every clip. You can join his thrilling journey by watching Barry’s Short Story Movie Video featured in this article and […]

There’s a new kid in the Elite Club

photo Jed Simon Jason Huge congratulations to Dirk Hemza, also known as Screwyfits or Screwy Dye Jobs, for achieving a remarkable speed of 65.5mph (105.41km/h) at the recent IBX 2024 event held at the Ivanpah Lake bed in the Mojave Desert of San Bernardino County, California, on the border of California and Nevada. Dirk, who […]

13 Years of Popeyethewelder.com

Welcome to Popeyethewelder.com – Your Ultimate Kite Buggying Bible! It’s 2024, and we’re thrilled to celebrate 13 Years of Popeyethewelder.com – A Kite Buggying Community Milestone! Can you believe it? Thirteen years have flown by since we first set sail into the digital winds of Popeyethewelder.com! Since 2011, we’ve proudly served the kite buggying community, […]

Female Dry Lake Bed Record Raised

Congratulations to Tami Fraser yet again for raising her own world female kite buggy dry lake bed record to an impressive 52.40mph /84.32 kmh Hi Carlos, Thanks for continuing to maintain records. On Ivanpah October 1 I finally bumped my playa speed up to 52.4 mph. I was using a PL Vapor 2.7m. Thanks, Tami

SWATK Connor Event 2014

The Connor Event & Charity The reason we hold the Connor Endurance Event each year is because of a 13 year Old SWATK member called Connor, Connor sadly passed away in 2010, from a terminal illness, Connor loved power kiting with his grand-dad, he always had fun and fully enjoyed this sport. We hold this event to […]

Merry Christmas Kite Buggiers Around the World

Its been a while since I made a video

Chillout session on a sunny summers afternoon, and the sound track  by my youngest son Daniel Lambert

Check out some great new Kite Buggy Art

From Don Edwards aka WELDNGOD See more from this great welder and artist HERE

Set 4 of 5 Sets…..the Nike Tick Forks

We have now made the forth of the five sets of Nike Tick fork plates More photos HERE

(Reports) The most advanced production buggy on the Planet

Feedback from trials at Speed Week, Sandy Point Australia from Clive and John Holgate UPDATE Reports sourced PowerKiteForum

Balancing a Buggy

Is the rear end of your buggy braking / slipping out.? The Problem Is your tow point (effective center of pull from the kite your center of lateral resistance (CLR) so you have a yawning moment. The CLR is approximately the same as your longitudinal CG – although there are 2 wheels at the back […]

popeyethewelder.com – The Story So far

This buggy resource is growing and growing, here are a few facts from this website As of 18th August 2012 This website first went live on 14th dec 2011, 38,209 people have visited this site in 248 days, averaging 154 vists per day from 134 countries around the world There are now 361 kite buggy […]

Antartica IceBuggy Expedition 2013

Hans and his team are planning world record breaking expedition using state of the art kite buggies….read more here

Adam Toms

                              Paul Edwards AKA Buggy Paul took the photo last summer during one of our “Summer Sessions” at Essex Kite Park. Pilot is Adam Toms and the kite was a 15m speed 3 dlx

Kite Buggying Trips in the Mongolian Gobi Desert

I came across this web site offering kite buggying trip into the Gobi Desert, so I thought I would share this with you in case anyone fancies something a little different.                 Tour Description Day 1: Arrival Ulaanbaatar, Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace, Monastery of Choiji Lama Day 2: […]

Congratulations to GT Race

I have had contact with Martin Faber for many years, and always admired his craftsmanship as a buggy builder, he has built some of the most beautiful buggies I have seen over the years, and I have watched with great interest as he has grown and grown.   Martin now has a well established race buggy […]

Icicles kite buggying returns to Torridge

Action will start on Saturday 21st Jan with racing from 10am to 2pm and will continue on Sunday from 10am to 3pm. The Icicles Cup is the first national race of the season organised by the Parakart Association, which is the national governing body for the sport. The event started in the early 90s when kite […]

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The End of 2011

Well another year has past, and I have to say this has been my leanest buggying year, in fact I can count the times I have buggied this year on one hand. I hope to change that in 2012, I plan to get out much more, I have a brand new Apexx sat on my trailer […]

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope you all have a great Christmas and may the winds blow strong for you in 2012 All the very best Pops

What would You Like?

Having spent well over 100hrs now uploading data, and I still have quite a bit more to upload by the way. Is there anything I have missed or you would like including on this site, I dont allow comments on this site in an attempt to keep it as clean as possible, but there are […]