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Female Dry Lake Bed Record Raised

Congratulations to Tami Fraser yet again for raising her own world female kite buggy dry lake bed record to an impressive 52.40mph /84.32 kmh Hi Carlos, Thanks for continuing to maintain records. On Ivanpah October 1 I finally bumped my playa speed up to 52.4 mph. I was using a PL Vapor 2.7m. Thanks, Tami

New Female Speed Record for a Dry Lake – Tami Fraser

Tami Fraser recently became the fastest woman on a dry lake bed with a speed of 49.50mph, and almost broke the women world buggy speed record held by Britta Berg G2296 81.50km/h / 50.40mph. Britta’s record was of course set on a beach which as we know is much harder to do with the extra rolling resistance. […]