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Icaro 4fight cut integral Helmet review

I took delivery of my new helmet today to use in the kite buggy, it is a paragliding helmet, to replace my RuRoC helmet, and I thought I would write a review of the helmet HERE

Ziggy Racek No2 in the 24hr Distance Record

Just recieved this email from Ziggy this morning Hi Carlos. Week at Romo was not lucky for me I’ve done 810 km and my buggy broke twice (down tube). Beach is very uneven. It was my first and last time at Romo. Fano. Really a wonderful beach buggy is a pleasure. I really drove 3 days: […] feedback

For us to move forward with this web site, please take a few moments of your time to answer a few questions, we would like to know what is, and what is not working within this kite buggying resourse, to allow us some feedback. survey Thank you for taking the time

Landsegler Wheels

UL discwheel specifically designed for Master Buggiers by Landsegler – Germany There are two versions, the Beach version 100mm wide rims, and the NABX version 47mm wide rims. They are ultra light, the beach version with the tyres only weighing 4kg….yes only 4kgs. I have had an eye on these wheels for the last couple […]

Czech Buggy and Landboard Racing

TEST DAY with KOMA KITE by Czech Kite Force    

Congratulations to MDK, a new PKD, USA Team Rider

Just two months after Mike Kenley sat for the first time in a buggy at NABX 2012, he has been snapped up by BKK as a team rider for PDK USA, well done Mike, I knew you were special, the moment you set off.

Mable Part 2 from ChrisPKiting

The Automatic Quick Release

Inspired by Jeff Earl aka bigkidkites, I have made my own very simple auto QR   See how simple this possible life saver is to make HERE

New Front Fender for the Apexx Disc Fork

I wanted a fender for my Apexx front disk fork, I search EBay and found this   See more photos and the fender I used HERE

Lars Riefel’s latest video

Automatic QR

Inside Buggy Pilots

I would just like to thank everyone so far for submitting to “Inside Buggy Pilots“, but I would just like to high light one I received today from Jeff Earl aka bigkidkites, not many people will know him outside the USA, but I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice, both times at NABX. […]