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I would just like to thank everyone so far for submitting to “Inside Buggy Pilots“, but I would just like to high light one I received today from Jeff Earl aka bigkidkites, not many people will know him outside the USA, but I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice, both times at NABX.

Jeff has been in this sport longer than most of us have been breathing, and there are hardly any 1,2,3,4 or 5 line kites that this guy has not flown during his life.

Aound two years ago Jeff was involved in a freak buggy accident, and recently on PKF Forum he shared what has been happening to him since the accident.

Jeffs post accident story HERE

Jeff Earl aka bigkidkites

I am sure I speak on behalf of the whole bugging community when I say, I know its a long journey Jeff, but we all wish you all the very best and hope one day you will be pain free again, after reading your “Inside Buggy Pilots” answers, you have to me become The Wise and Inspirational Jeff “BigKid” Earl. Good luck my friend



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