Corey Jenson – The Mayor of Buggy Town

This week I was deeply saddened to hear that the great Icon of kite flying and bugging, that is Corey Jenson had sadly passed away. Corey  was one of the first names I came across when I first started to search out this great sport called Kite Buggying, I found the video below and was fascinated […]

Congratulations to Sean Venes

Congratulations to the newest member of the 100km/h club Sean Venes rolled in today covered in playa dust even before the party had started at the IBX 2016 with a 64.20mph or 103.31km/h. Sean Venes – Monday was just another day, except we all saw the wind forecast! 50+ mph winds. I didn’t go out […]

NEW 100km/h Club Member

Well done to Ryan McGavin for storming into the elite club with a very impressive 64.00mph / 103km/h using the new Peter lynn Aero 9m. Meet the Elite

Britta is Flying….New World Record

Bulli Britta, has done it again, the fastest kite buggying woman in the world has just raised her own World Record from 81.50 km/h to a fantastic 85.50km/h – 53.13mph. This record was achieved using a 2.5m PKD century 1  in Denmark Hey, i increased my personal top speed yesterday smile emoticon sorry about using […]

Extreme Buggy Pilot SVB heads to PL & a change of Strategy

Latest news from Stephan van Bommel Hello people, hereby I proudly announce that that PETER LYNN is my new kite sponsor. For the coming storm season including my two trips to the USA, Peter Lynn will support me with their products. I will face and conquer the biggest storms of both Europe and the USA. […]

SWATK Connor Event 2014

The Connor Event & Charity The reason we hold the Connor Endurance Event each year is because of a 13 year Old SWATK member called Connor, Connor sadly passed away in 2010, from a terminal illness, Connor loved power kiting with his grand-dad, he always had fun and fully enjoyed this sport. We hold this event to […]

Nicolas Jackson – One to Watch

As Kite Buggiers continue to get younger and younger, or is that just me getting older, 14 year old Nicolas Jackson from Denmark, continues to keep impressing me. With tremendous support from his parents and fellow peers, Nicolas became the youngest person in the WORLD to break the 50mph barrier at 14 years and 12 days,  83.2km/h – 51.14mph this year. […]

Just Shootin’ the Breeze – “So, How Fast Can You Go”

“So, how fast can you go?” We’ve all heard the question posed hundreds of times and reasonably so when you realize that most folks have a limited frame of reference. Most folks don’t know what travelling 150mph on the Autobahn in a mushy, squishy, loose jointed chunk of Detroit Steel feels like. They honestly believe […]

Kites and Buggies For Sale / Wanted

It seems logical we have a place on Facebook to collectively offer Kite and Buggies for sale, we have seen random posts in various groups, so now there is a dedicated group for this purpose, with well over 5000 members so far, this is a good starting point to either search for or sell your […]

Ivanpah Buggy Blast – Event Announcement

It gives great pleasure in being able to announce what will become THE KITE BUGGY EVENT to go to….THE event for fun, THE event for friends, The event for laughs, THE event for speed. The Ivanpah Buggy Bash or IB2 has been founded by two of the most respected and passionate US buggiers, Bobby […]

FBBT 2013 (Fall Buggy Boogie Thang)

FBBT 2013 Part 2: And the Rains Came Monsoon Season in the Sonoran and Mohave Deserts has a will of its own that simply will not be swayed by the trivial desires of one little Buggy Nut in a remote corner of this vast desert region. Annual rain fall in these environs ranges from 3 […]

Look what My Mexican Buggying Friends Sent Me

Wow….what a buggying shirt this is, this long sleeve shirt was sent to me from Alberto Soria Lopez & the Mexican Buggiers, in conjunction with, what a very thoughtful gesture and to cap it all they even put my name on there to……Thank You                     […]

Don’t Risk Losing Your GoPro while Buggying

I thought of you guys when a good friend of mine introduced me to this product, he had recently lost his GoPro, without realising the mount had come away from his helmet while riding his motor cycle, he lost his expensive GoPro. He searched the market but could not find exactly what he wanted, so set […]

Bolton Le Sands Summer Meet 2nd-4th August 2013

This is not an event, this is just a meet, Camping is next to the beach at Red Bank Farm, Address – The Shore Bolton Le Sands, Carnforth Lancashire LA5 8JR England Tel – 01524 823196 Web – It is advisable to book as soon as possible, it is £6 per adult per night […]

Buggying Heaven – Level 5

According to Islamic beliefs, last Thursday was the occasion of Isra’ and Mi’raj  when the prophet Mohamed made a spiritual & physical journey to the furthermost mosque in Jerusalem. There he met other prophets including Jesus & John the Baptist.  He then ascended into the 7 heavens. It was at the 7th heaven he haggled […]

Having a Clear Out

After 10 years of buying, using and selling kite gear, and seemingly buying more than selling over the years, We have decided to have a good clear out, and make some much needed space We will over the course of the next 4-6 weeks sell all sorts of items, from a Parastorm Buggy, to stainless buggy plates, […]

Dragonfly carbon products

  Laurent Calatayud, owner of Dranonfly Carbon Products from Marseille, France, is an expert with Carbon Fibre, luckily for the kite buggy world, he is an avid kite buggier himself.             He has used his skills with carbon fiber to produce many products for kite buggiers at remarkably cheap prices.       […]