Well, its been Windy and Christian manages 112km/h – 69.59mph

Well done to Christian Steffens G2398 for upping his PB again to 112km/h – 69.59mph, using a 2.7m Z3 Congratulations Christian, you are now the sharing the fastest record in a kite buggy on the Beach and Bigfoot tyres with Dennis Aalbers and Stephan van Bommel  Christian Steffens is now joint fastest buggier in the […]

Gav Mulvay and Joe Steffert – Mongolia – Mission Complete

Well, there are records, and there are records, all are an outstanding achievement, Gav and Joe have just chalked up a few more during their epic 63 day Kite Buggy journey through Mongolia/China Gav emailed some amazing facts from their journey this morning, just check these out. We have just finished another Mongolia/China adventure. I’ve […]