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Another Camera Mount

Here’s another camera mount for some different angles, thanks to Ken Shaw for this mount More photo’s HERE  

Apexx & Landsegler

My Apexx with the 100mm Beach Landsegler wheels and the 4 weights I have added Now weighs in at 37kgs

Landsegler Wheels have landed in the UK

My wheels are here, and I am not dissapointed at all See what I received from Landsegler  here….Landsegler – The real deal The Specifications

Welcome to my Crib

I love to look around other people Garages and sheds, call it being nosey, well here’s a look around my Crib Forget the buggies for a second, Welcome to my Crib

“Luctor et Emergo”

SUPPORT ARJEN GETTING BACK TO THE NETHERLANDS “Luctor et Emergo” means: ”I struggle to surface” and is a joint initiative of Arjen’s friends to support Arjen and contribute in the costs – 15.000 euro – of his repatriation. During Arjen’s snowkite holidays in the Norwegian Hardangervidda heights, he had a severe accident causing a pelvic […]

NABX 2012 Videos (Short & Extented Versions)

Nabx 2012 – Friends photo captures, and Sponsors

These are a few photos I was captured on by Mike Kenley aka MDK, Ryan aka gOOfba11 and Chris Shultz president of HQ USA, thank you for these photos I would also like to say a big thank you to my sponsors, please guys, take the time to look at their sites, merchandise and offerings, […]

NABX 2012 – Memories

NABX 2012….brilliant event yet again, even better than 2011, the sun was out the wind came to visit us, fantastic location, great friends, and memories that will last forever….if you kite buggy, or even just fly a kite, promise yourself you will make the trip the to Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed View Larger Map NABX […]

Nabx 2012 New Personal Bests

Congratulations to everyone achieving a new Personal best at this years NABX 2012 Stephan van Bommel 77.40mph Mano Dirix 68.98mph Wexler Muse 58.30mph arkay 54.80mph Dino aka Dakitez 52.80mph Todd Hanson 38.50mph MDK aka Mike 35.20mph

Pre Nabx 2012 News

  The M&S team Mano and Stephan ended the epic high wind session, top speeds and new PBs   Mano 68.98mph – 111.00kmh, NEW PB, Stephan 77.40mph – 124.00kmh, NEW PB