“Luctor et Emergo”



“Luctor et Emergo” means: ”I struggle to surface” and is a joint initiative of Arjen’s friends to support Arjen and contribute in the costs – 15.000 euro – of his repatriation. During Arjen’s snowkite holidays in the Norwegian Hardangervidda heights, he had a severe accident causing a pelvic fracture and internal hemorrhaging. In critical condition he was transported by rescue helicopter to a hospital in Bergen where he was hospitalized in the Intensive Care section. The past two weeks the medical staff has been fighting for his life and Arjen was in surgery twice in order to stabilize his condition.

Our friend Arjen is recovering from his accident. Slowly but steady. He is still in Norway and needs to be transported to Holland for further surgery and revalidation. This transport can only take place under medical surveillance in an ambulance airplane. The costs for such a flight are enourmous and – what is worse – will not be covered by Arjen’s Insurance. That is why his friends set up the “Luctor Et Emergo” page on facebook to gather donations for Arjens trip. If you want to contribute, please check the donate details below on this page. Thank you very much in advance for your donation!



  • – Arjen is Holland’s most famous kite buggy pilot.- Until a month ago Arjen held the kite buggy world speed record on land.
  • – Arjen is still the fastest pilot in the snow kite buggy.
  • – Arjen was amongst the best three in various international kite buggy races, European- and World-Championships.
  • – Arjen is a great ambassador for the kite buggy sport in the Netherlands. – We like Arjen very much 🙂

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