Ice Buggy

Ice Buggy

This has to be one of the best looking Ice Buggies I have seen, designed and built by Daniel from Poland The buggy is made of aluminum. Elements are welded and glued. Hull weight is 16kg. When I have some free time, I will send pics of the steering and description. I would like to […]

Ozzy Slides into the Number 2 Spot

Check out Ozzy blasting to 93.00km/h on the ice at 2.40 mins, using a 2.7m Vapor     Thanks to William Pelgrim for the onboard footage.   Ice Buggy Records  

The ultimate polar expedition

Commissioned by Antarctica expedition ’13 initiator Hans Wijnand, Rootbox facilitated the Antarctica kite buggy project named Aquilo. In 6 months time a student from the Aeronautical Engineering course (Delft, the Netherlands) designed the kite buggy for the expedition – setting requirements and transferred an idea into concepts and then into a complete detailed design with […]

How to shorten your kite lines, Ice buggying

How to shorten your kite lines, Ice buggying. from Gav Mulvay on Vimeo.

“Luctor et Emergo”

SUPPORT ARJEN GETTING BACK TO THE NETHERLANDS “Luctor et Emergo” means: ”I struggle to surface” and is a joint initiative of Arjen’s friends to support Arjen and contribute in the costs – 15.000 euro – of his repatriation. During Arjen’s snowkite holidays in the Norwegian Hardangervidda heights, he had a severe accident causing a pelvic […]

The First Ice Bike, Ice Cruiser ll

Marc ten Brink, Has made the first Ice Kite Bike, I cannot wait to see the video footage