Rulof Maker Builds A Kite Buggy From Scrap

…..and gets up some great speed, inspirational….there’s always a way to have fun In this video tutorial, i will show you how to make a simple kite buggy using things that I found in the junkyard.the cost of this buggy is only 60$ for the tyres but all the remaining components i was able to […]

Carbon Kite Buggy Axles

I (that’s me on the left Frans Noordhuis) started experimenting with carbon in 2012. I made the first axle with a carbon tube from a friend. Wall thickness was about 1 mm and I was really surprised with the strength. In the end I wasn’t too happy with the looks of it and I decided to build […]

What is Trail?

Trail is the horizontal distance between your forks steering axis and the center of the front tire’s contact patch.  Setting the trail too long or short can make a huge difference to how your buggy performs and stears Learn more about trail  Wikipedia. When making a set of forks for a buggy, the rake and trail must be […]

Dragonfly carbon products

  Laurent Calatayud, owner of Dranonfly Carbon Products from Marseille, France, is an expert with Carbon Fibre, luckily for the kite buggy world, he is an avid kite buggier himself.             He has used his skills with carbon fiber to produce many products for kite buggiers at remarkably cheap prices.       […]

Crab Buggy Plans

There are many of us who have seen a Crab Buggy, but there are not many of us who have tried one, or even better still, make one. Olivier Suire has contacted us, to let the kite buggy community know, that from now, if you would like to build your very own Crab Buggy,  a link has been offered to […]

Swan Neck

  Few more photos HERE

‘Back Rest’ and Frame…Almost Done

To stiffen the frame up you have a couple of options, you can either put a cross brace inbetween the rear rails or a back rest….I call it a back rest because that is what I make it look like, but in reality, it is not. It is a brace. Buggybag seats offers more than enough […]

Work on the Buggy Moves Forward

Auto Quick Release setup

Thanks to Jeff, many buggiers now will have the peace of mind they will not be launched  if things go wrong, check this video out. Thank you Jeff for sharing your idea

Another Cold Day in the Garage

Woke up this morning wanting to work on a buggy, only to find it had snowed all night, my garage like most in the UK offers no heating, another cold day in the garage. More photos HERE

Polishing and More Polishing

This is the process, going from Mill finish (if your buggy is not polished or bead blasted, it will be mill finish) to mirror finish, yes its a long laborious task and yes a very dirty one too, but the rewards are there at the end smiling back at you.   Find out the process […]

Making Cambered Axle Bolts

Find out how to make these cambered axle bolts HERE

Five Hours of Polishing

I started work a few days ago on the last set of the Nike Tick style front fork plates I will ever use, and this set of forks when I have finished will cradle a Landesegler NABX/Wet UL wheel, and it will be in good company too. They are going to a good friend of mine, Mike Kenley […]

Big ones and Little ones

Set 4 of 5 Sets…..the Nike Tick Forks

We have now made the forth of the five sets of Nike Tick fork plates More photos HERE

The Vermin Kite Buggy

I had previously made up an alloy trailer for the Libre Vmax but as the trailer wasn’t getting a lot of use, I wondered if I could get a few extra bits welded on to turn the straight section of tube into a swan neck. I already had a few spare tyres and a some […]

Not all Flexi buggies are used for freestyle buggying

I would guess that of all Flexi buggies at least 40% of them never leave terra firma, many pilot just enjoy having a small buggy, some modify them almost beyond recognision with all manner of modifications, including swan necks, wide axles and more comfortable seats, many used their Flexi buggies for cruising etc and lower […]

Balancing a Buggy

Is the rear end of your buggy braking / slipping out.? The Problem Is your tow point (effective center of pull from the kite your center of lateral resistance (CLR) so you have a yawning moment. The CLR is approximately the same as your longitudinal CG – although there are 2 wheels at the back […]

Could this be the start of something new…?

Making a Mudguard

Martin F has kindly shared how he made his fine looking mudguard To see how Martin made this click HERE

This back rest really could save your back…!!

Gannet aka Kitezone Muriwai has kindly shared his very simple but very effective backrest I’m sharing this system so our sport gets a little safer, it might just save somebodies spine one day See how he put it together HERE and in Projects

Xxtreme Popeye

Finaly got the front fender resprayed More photos of the finished fender HERE

Nice looking Home Brew