Not all Flexi buggies are used for freestyle buggying

I would guess that of all Flexi buggies at least 40% of them never leave terra firma, many pilot just enjoy having a small buggy, some modify them almost beyond recognision with all manner of modifications, including swan necks, wide axles and more comfortable seats, many used their Flexi buggies for cruising etc and lower the center of gravity.

I have over years, fabricated just about every modification there is to do to a Flexi buggy, but I have just had a request to alter a Flexi buggy that I have not had before, and that was to change the foot pegs to ones more in line with a race buggy including heel straps.

Flexi Buggy Pegs & Heel Straps















The forks were sent to me minus the Flexi foot pegs, I was asked to leave the pegs at the same height, so I used the existing stub tubes on the sides of the forks. I machined some tube so they would fit inside these stubs, and then made up the foot pegs and welded everything together. I finished the foot pegs off by adding the heel straps.

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