Buggy Plans

Free Dominator Plans

Please feel free to download the PDF plans of the Dominator Buggy, these are completely free of charge, however if you feel you would like to make a small donation towards the running costs of this website, it, no matter how small will be gratefully received   THE FREE DOMINATOR PDF PLANS

Crab Buggy Plans

There are many of us who have seen a Crab Buggy, but there are not many of us who have tried one, or even better still, make one. Olivier Suire has contacted us, to let the kite buggy community know, that from now, if you would like to build your very own Crab Buggy,  a link has been offered to […]

Progression….. PTW Buggies

Time continues, things move forward, technology advances. The advancement of kite buggies has moved forward in leap and bounds during the last few years, its exciting times. XXtreme were the first to develop the double bend side rails, then all the top race buggy makers followed suit, it isn’t until you try a buggy with […]

You wanted PTW Dominator 1 Plans

                                  Many times I have been asked for the Dominator Plans, and I have always said to everyone I dont have any, well quite a few years ago a guy travelled a few hundred miles to mine, he had […]

Making Kite Buggy Wheel Camber Adjusters

Making Kite Buggy Wheel Camber Adjusters

Cougar 2 Plans

For a small donation you can now get your hands on the Plans to make a PTW Cougar 2 buggy PTW Cougar 2 Plans    

Leading Link

Information about Leading Links have been added Kite Buggy Information

Making a Kobra Buggy

Riccardo shows us how to make his Kobra Kite Buggy in Projects Kite Buggy Information

Making a Stainless Race buggy

Ok, by today’s standards this is quite dated, but will still give the first time buggy builder some insight and guidance Making a Stainless Race Buggy

Basic Plans

I have added the basic plans for the buggy builder starting out, also information if you want proper cadded up plans with the laser cutting files