The Vermin Kite Buggy

I had previously made up an alloy trailer for the Libre Vmax but as the trailer wasn’t getting a lot of use, I wondered if I could get a few extra bits welded on to turn the straight section of tube into a swan neck.

I already had a few spare tyres and a some spare forks from the Vmax so I took the ‘downtube’ to the local alloy suppliers who did a fantastic job of welding it together. I put some 5mm Gal on both sides where the fork bolt goes through and then faced both sides with some high density PE to make up the space. The brackets holding the wheels on are 5mm Gal steel and so far, after 50km of bumpy paddock riding, nothing has bent or broken. It’s a little heavier than I’d like but overall it’s turned out really well. John Holgate

The Vermin Kite Buggy from John Holgate on Vimeo.


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