Ivanpah Buggy Blast – Event Announcement

It gives popeyethewelder.com great pleasure in being able to announce what will become THE KITE BUGGY EVENT to go to….THE event for fun, THE event for friends, The event for laughs, THE event for speed. The Ivanpah Buggy Bash or IB2 has been founded by two of the most respected and passionate US buggiers, Bobby Muse and Brian Holgate.

Ivanpah Buggy Blast

Ivanpah Buggy Blast

Press Release

It has been largely discussed that many kite buggiers want an event that maintains a level of consistency people can rely on across the globe. The other thought was to return the emphasis to kiting and the people. Ivanpah Buggy Blast is a new event that will do just that.

Ivanpah Buggy Blast or IB2 will focus on the basics of sharing the dry lake with wind enthusiasts and their family. Participants will have a $50 entry fee which will be used to cover the costs to put on the event.  Since spectators, non-flying visitors and non participating members of the family don’t incur costs for the event, they will not be charged a fee to attend. IBB will have racing which will be organized by NAPKA, freestyle events, and clinics for anyone trying to improve their skills.

This will also be an industry event. Manufacturers will be given an area to set up a tent, demo the latest and greatest gear, and offer clinics or classes.

The dates for the event are April 1st-5th.  Participants will be allowed to arrive on Sunday or Monday March 30-31st.  This event will be set up at the Staging Area 2 on the East side of Ivanpah Dry Lake.  We look forward to seeing you at the 1st annual Ivanpah Buggy Blast.


Bobby Muse 100kmh club

Bobby Muse

Brian Holgate

Brian Holgate

For further details

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/groups/170920379763564/

Email ivanpahbuggyblast@gmail.com

Tel 702-423-2495

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