Kites and Buggies For Sale / Wanted

Kites and Buggies For Sale / Wanted on Facebook

Kites and Buggies For Sale / Wanted on Facebook

It seems logical we have a place on Facebook to collectively offer Kite and Buggies for sale, we have seen random posts in various groups, so now there is a dedicated group for this purpose, with well over 5000 members so far, this is a good starting point to either search for or sell your kites and buggies.

This group opens up buying and selling kites and buggies to over 5000 relevant people in many countries. Buyers and sellers use this group at their own risk. This Group,  aswell as the admin, are not in anyway responsible for the goods, shipping or the trustworthyness of the buyer or seller.
Please describe your items as accurately as possible, and try to include the PRICELOCATION, a PHOTO and SHIPPING COSTS to a few countries…. If you sell your item please add SOLD at the bottom of your post.

kites and Buggies FS

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