Don’t Risk Losing Your GoPro while Buggying

GoPro Leash bI thought of you guys when a good friend of mine introduced me to this product, he had recently lost his GoPro, without realising the mount had come away from his helmet while riding his motor cycle, he lost his expensive GoPro. He searched the market but could not find exactly what he wanted, so set to work and designed his own. Thoroughly tried and tested lanyard purposely designed for the GoPro, you simply slip the metal eyelet onto the thumb screw that you use to attach all the mounts….perfect and loop the other end around your buggy or helmet etc, never lose your GoPro.

The Science : The paracord used in these lanyards is genuine US Government Contractor GSA Compliant 7 strand Type III Cord. Others may call their product “550 cord” This is made by a Certified US Government Contractor (no cheap rubbish); it is 550lb test line with a 7 strand core. 100% nylon and made in the USA, The cord is accompanied with a unique slip knot and ring for attaching to the bolt on your GoPro.

Easy Connection : Attaches to the standard thumb screw.GoPro Leash e

Length: Adjustable form 1m >
540mm & 500mm > 290mm and a little lower if you loop through itself. If you require a speci1fic length either
fixed or adjustable they can be made to order please contact

Strength: By conducting weight testing on the setup used for these lanyards I can confirm that they can withstand an impact weight of = 35kg using my unique tied and clamped connections, you can see this for yourself in the test video below showing the use of
a 1.8kg disc which is already 12 x the weight of your GoPro 3 and case. The GoPro® Hero2 typically weighs 225g in a waterproof housing with standard base and around 400g when the suction cup is added.

GoPro Leash fColours : Available soon including: Olive Green, Foliage Green, Neon Green, Tan/sand, Coyote Brown, Dark Brown, Desert Camouflage, ACU Digital Camouflage, Multicam, Woodland Camouflage, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Blue, White, Burgundy, Goldenrod, Yellow, Forest/Kelly Green, Red, Red,White & Blue, Pink, Purple, Navy Blue, Grey, Silver Grey & Colonial Blue.

Don’t lose your camera, think about buying one of these lanyards.

Price :  £3.00 for 500mm and £4.00 for 1m + £1.00 uk postage if buying both sizes postage £1.00,   email, both are adjustable, if anyone requires a different lenghts or rings/slips knots both ends these can be made to order price dependant.

GoPro Leash c

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