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Nicolas Jackson – One to Watch

As Kite Buggiers continue to get younger and younger, or is that just me getting older, 14 year old Nicolas Jackson from Denmark, continues to keep impressing me. With tremendous support from his parents and fellow peers, Nicolas became the youngest person in the WORLD to break the 50mph barrier at 14 years and 12 days,  83.2km/h – 51.14mph this year. […]

New Record Broken, The Youngest Person to Break 50mph in a Kite Buggy

Wexler Muse held the record for the youngest person to break the 50mph barrier at just 16 years old in 2011, Wexler has since gone onto achieve  58.30mph – 93.82km/h. Now the record has been broken….the NEW age for the youngest person to break the 50mph barrier is 14 years and 12 days, set by Nicolas […]

New World Record – Backwards Buggying 54.25mph – 87.30km/h

Randy Oldenbürger, messaged me a few days ago claiming a new backwards world record, but I wasn’t happy that some of the crucial criteria had not been met, Randy understood completely and that was the end of it. Yesterday, I received another message from Randy heyyaaa 😀 did it again, today 😉 just have to work […]