Remembering 9/11 Fallen Hero’s

Today 11 years ago the world changed, everyone can remember those horrific scenes on every TV station around the World

PTW’s Tribute to the fallen Hero’s



The attacks in America on 9/11 resulted in the death of 2,996 people and of those a total of 411 emergency workers died as they tried to rescue people and fight fires.

My tribute to those brave men and women who ran towards unimaginable danger to help and rescue hundreds possibly thousands of civilians, came  in the shape of a special kite buggy, I named it the Hero Buggy in honour of those very brave people who gave their lives to help others, the fallen hero’s.

Not long after the tragedy I made contact with a NYFD firefighter  Dale Barrett, he kindly gave me a special commemorative patch, this was a treasured possession of mine. I decided to have the patch sewn into the seat of the Hero Buggy.

The fantastic seat was made by Jon and Helen of Buggybags.

The owner of this special buggy is Bobby Muse aka BeamerBob (USA), who bought it for his son Wexler Muse to ride the Ivanpah dry lake bed.  Young Wexmeister soon became the fastest 16 year old kite buggier on the planet, and the Hero Buggy the fastest PTW Buggy at 58.30mph or 93.82km/h.

Wexler Muse behind the Hero Buggy











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