PTW Buggy Breaks the 100km/h Barrier

Well have have to say, I am almost as proud as if I had done it myself, but the fact is Tom aka RedSkyHorizon broke the 100km/h barrier using the Dominator 4 buggy today, Tom himself has already been much faster as he continues his quest to become the fastest kite buggier in the world on sand.


The Dominator 4 (62.60mph / 100.74km/h) Tom aka RedSkyHorison


New all-time record for a popeye buggy today. 62.6mph. Wind wasn’t as strong as I hoped, low 20’s and then upper 30’s to low 40’s when the squalls came ashore, bringing thunder, lightening and heavy showers but we kept riding. Spreader bar kept coming away. The beach became flooded with rain in the end and so we called it quits.  RSH

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