Landsegler Wheels, some science


More reasons why Landsegler wheels and light years ahead of their rivals, to Landsegler this is not about just rushing in, copying or taking short cuts into supplying disc wheels to the masses. These are the formula 1 of kite buggy disc wheels, years of science and testing have gone into these remarkable wheels before Landsegler Manufaktur even thought about releasing to the open market.

Some interesting information just released from Landsegler

Dynamic spoke load: for a 20 “wheel (back diameter: 520 mm) applies to a buggy speed of 60 km/h: each spoke is dynamically loaded with a frequency of 10 Hz.”

I.e. the wheel makes at 60 km/h-> 10 U/sec. and so is each spoke every second 10 times charged and again relieved.


Approximately 600000 strains produce a journey of 1000 km. After 2000 km, each spoke had 1.2 million burden to bear.

Landsegler data


 Qualitative stress / strain curve of 4 spokes was measured by(University of Karlsruhe), the force in Newtons in relation to the extension in mm. It can then, using the diameter of the spoke of the optimum operating range of allowable stresses in the elastic range to determine. Only when we have this knowledge, the correct mounting spoke tension can be adjusted. The spoke tension must be activated with a special precision instrument during the operation”clamping and centering” are kept constantly under review.



Of course, you needed the real data of the chart scales [N]-[mm], which we have very consciously hidden, so that competitors do not copy our costly developments.

Landsegler Manufaktur – These prove just the extensive test on the dry lake bed (NABX); There, the cross reaction forces are highest on a ground which equates to a 40 grit sandpaper, offers the highest cross resistance. On a beach and in the wet sand, you can not even reach anything like the cross resistance from those tests.

The wheels have had very hard tests for years. So far no spokes to be strained

“Real data from our development, we do not announce”



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