Balancing Bigfoots

Steve WarrenEasy Balance tyre balancing on a Kite Buggy with Bigfoots tyres

Testing tyre balance compound from Easybalance on my kite buggy tyres to see if I can improve on the poor quality tyres that I bought from
The tyres above 43mph are truly bad and disappointing as they are neither round or in any way balanced so as soon as I hit speeds above 43mph its like being in a violent vibrating chair, it can be so bad that keeping your feet on the foot pegs can be hard work. I would have never have bought the tyres if I had known how bad they were.
In my very non scientific test using axel stands and a pressure washer you can see the shake the tyre puts into the buggy, imagine three wheels doing that at the same time.
Easybalance appears to make a difference by reducing the shake but only a trip down the beach will really let me know if Easybalance works.
If it does I can at least live with the tyres until I change the buggy and wheels.
The Easybalance came from at £5 a packet they said I needed one packet per wheel.

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