More PB’s at Ivanpah for the Muse Family

Father and son team, BeamerBob and his son Wexler, had a great day on the dry lake bed Ivanpah on 11th March 2012, five days after the World Record was set there.

To start with Wexler Muse, a sponsored HQ rider, and PTW Hero rider broke the 50mph barrier, and managed a brilliant 53.80mph flying a 7m HQ Montana VI….for a 16 year old lad, I believe young Wexmeister is the fastest 16 year old kite buggier on the planet….well done, and in fact he was beating his Dad Bobby Muse at this stage who had a best of 52.80mph.

Wexler Muse 53.80mph 16 years old Sponsored by HQ

I think the thought of being over taken by his son, must have spurred Bobby Muse on, he took a HQ Prodigy 3.4m and gave his all…..and his efforts were rewarded by joining the 60mph club with a great run of 60.90mph riding an Xxtreme Apexx, bought from Ozzy at NABX 2011

Bobby Muse aka BeamerBob, breaking into the 60mph Club 11th March 2012


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