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MG Reverse Kite Buggy
















MG Reverse Buggy 

Well Maarten at MG Kites has been really busy just lately, not just happy with the proven MG Aero Buggy and the Sniper set of kites,  he has now brought a brand new buggy to the market, the MG Reverse as seen above

We are constantly looking to reach a higher level and design. With such projects we increase our knowledge which brings to new ideas. Apart from these funprojects you can expect more techniques and developments from MG in the future.


He has also added another set of  kites to his range and to the racing market, the MG MUMBA in the following sizes 3.2 m2 – 3.9 m2 – 4.8 m2 – 5.9 m2 – 7.2 m2 – 8.7 m2 – 10.4 m2 – 12.3 m2 – 14.4 m2

MG Mumba















Only for the real man!

The Mumba is the newest kite in the MG series. Nearly two years of development and testing have produced a kite which is a real racemonster. MG improved the quality but still at a good price. To use the kite in the most optimal way we have chosen for nine sizes. Since the Mumba is an aggressive kite, most of the users are riders for real racing. That’s why we have our motto; “only for the real man”, you will never get bored using this kite!

Good Luck, and respect for keeping this sport at the cutting edge Maarten


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