New Crab Concept by Olivier Squire

15 Crab BuggyMost kite buggy enthusiasts will have heard of the Crab Buggy, there have been a few Crabs built around the world, but for me without doubt the king of the Crabs is Olivier Suire, he truly does think outside the box, and I applaud him for his dedication to do just that.

He has been developing, trailing and testing the crab buggy through many different concepts and designs over the years, and I am honoured to have one of Oliviers Crab buggies. You can see my youngest son on the left, putting the Crab through serious moves, he loved it.


A message recently from Olivier read:-

I’m going to build a new Crab frame of a new type, and I thought that you might want to check it out

Flexible Crab

Flexible Crab

The idea is that the whole frame  is now used for steering, and the pilot uses his leg muscles and not only his feet.
Also, the whole frame is rotated 180°, and therefore, the fixed wheel is now in front of the pilot.
This new concept is kind of freakish, I have no idea if it has any chance to work.
I thought of using magnets to create an “attraction point” towards the shape of the frame that make the wheels straight.
Maybe that could help… or make things worse altogether !
I would like to wish Olivier all the luck with this new concept, and can’t wait to see it in action. Thank you for sharing





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