New Year New Kite Sponsor

Times are changing,  Sieger at Cooper Kites, I have to say could not have been a better sponsor to me, and has been extremely generous to me during my time with Cooper. I remember after I initially contacted him via email, within ten minutes, he was asking for my address to send me a set of kites….amazing.

Unfortunately during these hard times, we all have to make cut backs, and Cooper Kites was no different, and so Sieger informed me they could no longer sponsor me in 2012, so I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and wish Sieger all the best for the future, and for anyone contemplating Cooper Kites, I found them a very easy kite to fly, very user friendly and very good value for money.

Chris Shultz

I am also happy to announce I have a new kite sponsor HQ Power Kites  To start with I would like to initially thank Bobby Muse, who after telling him about Cooper Kites decision, asked if I had considered HQ, his son Wexler rides for HQ in the USA. Bob being the guy he is put a good word in for me to Chris Shultz the vice president of HQ kites and Design USA, incidentally I had actually been set up next to Chris and the HQ team on the playa at NABX 2011. I had a brief exchange of emails with Chris, who said he would recommend me to Jan Hendrik Junker Product Manager, HQ Kites, Germany.








Jan Hendrik Junker

Soon the emails started flowing, and Jan kindly said they would like to have me representing HQ, initially I was going to go for the Toxic kites, but later changed my mind  and went for the Prodigy Race kites, I have done my research and spoken to many racers and people who know what they are talking about…..all of them placed to Prodigy in the top 5 race kites, and many in the top 3. Once my mind was made up that was it, I gratefully accepted HQ’s kind offer.

It didn’t stop there either, Chris Shultz, very kindly said he would lend me a set of prodigy’s for my duration at NABX 2012, this is great news for me as it will save me shipping my kites there, and with space being a premium and shipping costs, I am over the moon about that.

I will in my own way keep you informed of my experiences with HQ Prodigy Race Kites, I cant wait to get on the beach and experience the power that these kites can produce.

Watch this space..



Prodigy Race Kites



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