Extreme High Wind Kite Buggy

Uploaded by RedSkyHorizon on 8 Jan 2012
Wind speeds and gusts ranging from storm force 10 to hurricane force 12, torrential rain and a freezing wind chill factor is not everyone’s idea of a good time on at the beach.

It would have been perfect if I hadn’t forgot to bring my water resistant boots and drysuit.

With forecasts predicting gales and light rain my friend Cliff and I decided to head out to our local beach for some buggy action in an attempt to beat our personal best speeds.

Unfortunately the condition of the beach was very poor and pretty unusable due to standing water and shallow gullies.

The kite was extremely over-powered too, although it settled down nicely when once on the move. The maximum recommended wind speed for the 5m Best Warro is 40mph.

Because of the standing water we were unable to power the kite up for fear of aquaplaning or bouncing off the gullies at high speed.

If it had been a dry beach then I’m sure things would have been very different!

Fly safe.

Music – Bird Of Prey by Fatboy Slim and Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley

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