No Barriers 13…..Bravo

No BarriersWow…how awesome was that…the UK event of the year lived up to all expectations and more, with  150 plus guests, great weather an awesome beach, the No Barriers 13 event organised by Dai, Cheryl, Al, Caroline and all of the other people who made this event happen, including sponsors, you can all walk away from this weekend with your heads held very high.

Your hard work proved to be a roaring success, everyone had a simply great time,  considering there were Blokarts, Buggies, Boards, and static flying with some 150 plus people from beginners to top intermediate pilots, as far as know there were no accidents, I didn’t even see any tangled lines either…on the Saturday anyway, this was very very well organized….thank you for all the hard work prior that is needed to make an event like this happen.

I have to say I felt a sense of pride that this was held in the UK. You have set such a high standard now with this event, I can only imagine what you will bring for future events….the camping field can probably hold the same amount again…if there is a set ticket limit next year, my only advice to anyone wanting to go is, don’t wait to long to order your tickets…you will be disappointed as these will fly off the shelf next year that’s for sure.


For all PTW’s Photos of the Event Click HERE

NB13 020 NB13 112 NB13 123 NB13 131 NB13 135 NB13 146 NB13 171 NB13 180


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