New PTW Buggy Record

He’s done it again…..RedSkyHorizon has taken the PTW buggy record to a new height, an extra 0.3mph on the previous record.

RedSkyHorinzon's PTW Buggy Records 66.30mph - 106.70km/h

RedSkyHorinzon’s PTW Buggy Records 66.30mph – 106.70km/h












Hey Pops

New PB in the Dom! ….up from 66.0mph to 66.3mph

After almost 18 months of trying and failing the wind came good yesterday at Camber just minutes before the tide covered the beach.
The wind really started to pick up after sunset and Cliff and I started to see 59-60mph.  I later caught a powerful sustained gust which saw me pass 66mph, so I guess I got lucky.

I knew it was going to be a quick run. The first estimated 50mph came and went in just a few short seconds even before I could straighten the front wheel after exiting the last turn.
The run covered only about 250m and I took as much beach width before hitting the brakes. Sometimes we came in hot and had to come out of the power-slide and straighten up for a fast approaching beach river which resulted in a wall of water. Rather than describe it as buggying to 66mph, it was much more like being savagely pulled to 66mph with the kite way out in front. What a rush though.

I had to abort one attempt as a vicious gust pulled me half out the bug and the Dom has a very deep seat as you know!

I was on beach racers with a euro up front but I was on the 7m Genetrix Hydra (LEI).

It can be frustrating that the beach is so narrow.
You have to stamp on the brakes while the bug is still accelerating and you think if only I had another 20 or 30ft to play with. But Camber is Camber and it’s my local. Work prevents me going further afield so I just have to live with it and make the best of it to get the job done and TBH I don’t think I’d enjoy the experience nearly as much going faster on a wider beach. I actually learned to love the limited space at Camber. It demands more from you. You accelerate quickly or not at all and you must hold your nerve to use every last inch of flat sand. Lot’s of calculations going on, stopping distances mostly. Lol

I only had two hours sleep the night before because of work and struggled to keep my eye’s open for the drive down. You start power-sliding at 60 and you’re suddenly wide awake for the rest of the day. Camber is an extreme environment when you’re hitting sixty as Cliff will testify and I love that. I’m still pumped, can you tell

While Tom was out that day, he was also testing a new rig with his GoPro and GPS, for future record attempts

Congratulations Tom, we are so proud you are the Dominator 4 owner/pilot

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