Windy Season Is Here, Contemplating going for a World Record

Winter winds in Europe, and blasting winds are now starting to hit the dry lake beds in the US…..Record time is here again, equipment checked, kites finely tuned, bearings lubricated and safety gear scrutinised you are ready to go.

For the pioneers of speed among us, the guys who go out when some of us go home, time to check GPS units, also it is highly recommended to double check the RULES for claiming a NEW WORLD RECORD, no one will be more disappointed than you if the essential criteria is not met, your claim will be void and not registered.

FOR CLAIMING ANY of the kite buggying World Records, the following rules apply, do not end up dissapointed, the rules are there for very specific reasons explained more in the link below.


1. Two dedicated GPS units minimum (Three is better) and MUST be attached to the buggy, not the pilots arms or legs, Recon goggles with built in GPS are permitted as they are fitted to the pilots head .

(a) When two GPS units are used, the lower reading of the two will be the reading recorded. If one unit fails, and only one unit is working the record WILL NOT be recognised.

(b) When three GPS units are used the middle reading of the three is the one recorded. If one unit fails, the lower of the two units is the one recorded

(c) Dedicated GPS units must be used; a mobile phone is NOT a dedicated GPS unit.

2. Track/data logs from at least one of the GPS units MUST be sent to us popeyethewelder at gmail dot com for viewing verifying and recording (make sure your GPS allows this)

3. At least one responsible witness must be present the whole time, for safety reasons we would prefer two, these will play a crucial role.

(a) Witnesses will have checked/reset/zeroed GPS units prior to the buggy moving by one of the named responsible witness (two witnesses are preferred for safety reasons)

(b) Witnesses can also take video footage, most people have this facility on their mobile phones nowadays, or use dedicated video products. A video of the record attempt returning to buggy camp and showing the GPS units data on the buggy as soon as the Buggy has stopped moving is highly desirable.

(c) Witnesses can also take photographs of the record attempt, and take photos of the GPS data.

4. On-board video footage is not only great to watch; it will greatly help the verification process and is advised, a video proves you were at least in a kite buggy in the conditions you describe in your write up, rather than driving in or on a motor powered vehicle at a lake bed or beach.

(a) Having a camera showing the live GPS data on the buggy is highly desirable.

If some of the data above is not submitted, it is purely at the record keepers discretion if the submitted record is valid or not, the attempted record will be investigated and discussed and decided upon by a selected committee, (various well respected Buggy Pilots across the world) to determine if the record will remain valid or not. It is highly recommended you follow the above criteria to avoid this.

For submitting any kite buggying  World Record,  Please send the above data to the above email address.

Exceptions  For any kite buggying world record, there are no exceptions all categories must follow the above criteria.


More details can be found HERE also please do not forget to see the rules for distance records.

Andrew 'Auto' Jones 53.30mph Kite Bike World Record

Andrew ‘Auto’ Jones 53.30mph Kite Bike World Record

While we are on the subject of records, it give me great pleasure to congratulate Andrew ‘Auto’ Jones for recently upping his own World Kite Biking record, this record now stands at an incredible 53.30mph / 85.78km/h.

The record set Pembrey, Cefn sidan beach South Wales, Dec 2012,  Using a 7 m Frenzy on Talon discs.

This is an incredibly fast speed on three wheels let alone two.



Good luck to each and every one of you, fly safe, take care, and above all else have fun.

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