Another record by the Sand Yeti

Sand YetiMy 2012 Kite Buggy log shows I did 4337.2 kms in 71 sessions, which is better than my previous best year in 2008 of 4186 kms in 75 sessions
I sat for the equivalent of nearly 8 days (24 hrs per day) actually moving and 16½ hours not moving at all during 2012. My most used kite was the 6.5m Blade V followed by the 4.9m Blade V.
Possibly many of you will find keeping a log somewhat pedantic but I guess it stems from my earlier days of logging all my flights as a glider pilot. I would also log all my SCUBA dives in the Red Sea that was drummed into me by the British Sub Aqua Club.

It isn’t a lot of work to keep a log. I just download my GPS at the end of every session, which takes just a few minutes. I also download my track data on to Fugawi navigational software. That tells me exactly where I was & at what time. Now that’s being overly attentive to kite buggying details.

Sand Yetis 2012 Buggying Data

Sand Yetis 2012 Buggying Data


The Sand Yeti also recently also achieved the record of 182 km travelled entirely in desert dunes in one session


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