New World Landboard Speed Record – Thierry Collado

Many many congratulations to Thierry for this outstanding new Record
Kite: Boost 7sqm by Flysurfer Kiteboarding
Board: X-Race by X-Shape
Location: La Franqui
Playground: Drylake
Land Speed Records

61.90mph / 99.62kmh

Today Feb 18 2018 was awesome in La Franqui, I broke my personal best! I really didn’t expected this because there was still standing water on a few spot, and a lot of slippery spot. But I found many places to do my things. The wind was not so strong but “disgustingly gusty” Yuh! A gust really stronger than the others carried me beyond my hopes, I heard my bearings screaming and I had the impression to go a little faster than usual. My 2 gps give: 61.9mph which is 99.62kmh and 99.75 kmh which is 61.98mph. Well, 99.62kilometers per hour, that’s a new world record. I can not believe it, I am so close to reach my goal ..100kmh. Then I tried again but the wind decreased a bit and I was tired. I was done for the day , already so very happy. I will be back!
Thanks to my sponsors to believe in me:

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