RedSkyHorison is Back – Video of the Week

Super Tracks – Kite Buggying with Gopro Fusion 360 camera

Of course, I had to ask Tom aka RedSkyHorizon, how he made this brilliant and as usual video, he was very forthcoming as always with his knowledge. Thanks Tom, its always great to see my old Dominator Buggy in your videos and in your capable hands, we all look forward to many more of them, where the next journey is you will take us.
Thanks Carl !!

How are you doing ?

Glad you liked the video 🙂
The camera uses two lenses, one on either side and slightly off center from each other. This along with the included GoPro Fusion Stuido software, renders and stitches together the footage from both lenses so that there are no visible seems.
This is how its able to hide your selfy-stick to give the impression that your camera is floating in mid-air. Its very clever.
The Fusion shoots in 5K for editing purposes, so be prepared to wait a few hours for it to render if you have a lot of footage. When you’re finished editing your video you then export the 5K rendered file to Adobe Premiere for editing and from there upload to YouTube. YT then compresses the file to leave you with a 4K video. You need Adobe Premiere to take advantage of all the 360 degree goodness. I didn’t know this when I bought the camera.
This means subscribing to them at a cost of ÂŁ19.97 per month ( single App ). Yes I know, its outrageous and kinda off putting especially if you just want to have fun and experiment.
As of right now I’m not creating any videos but still paying a monthly fee, but it does mean that you get all their latest updates for as long as you pay their fee.
The Fusion has amazing stability and keeps the horizon level. If you go over some really rough ground the camera will compensate as it films. The result being that the sky can get a little blurry, as is evident on some of my video clips but rolling over the shingle on the beach must be the extreme end of roughness.
The GoPro Fusion is great because you can leave the camera filming and carelessly pointing in any direction and then later decide what direction you wish to use in post. The camera never moves, all movement is done in post.
You can spin the camera, tilt it, zoom, time lapse in the comfort of your armchair.
The Fusion comes with a selfy-stick but I made my own from a telescopic Vileda Mop handle as the included stick lacked the reach i needed. It meant hack-sawing the end of the stick and fitting it to the end of the mop handle.
Works a treat! ( see pictures )
I then mounted the mop handle to the top of the swan-neck with the handle projecting through the forks so that when I turned the buggy wheel the camera would still remain stationary. The software then does its thing to automatically remove the handle from the footage. See the attached picture of me riding the buggy, the stick is attached to the footpeg by my toes, only the shadow remains, but I later go into Premiere and edit that out too.
Some big fat zip ties were used to secure the mop handle to the swan-neck. I’d imagine the Fusion would work great with your motorbike out on the open road, leaning into a bend on a windy country road.
Hope I’ve answered your questions satisfactorily. Let me know if you need more details.
Kind Regards
Perfectly explained Tom, thanks again


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