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Lovely Kite Buggy Footage from Chris Wright

New year’s Day 2024, this is my 2nd winter kiting and im desperate for a bit of adrenaline and looking to hit the magic 50mph, wind was slightly cross shore and 28mph with gusts of 31mph. The smallest kite on depower I have is a 7m so that’s my choice. 

This is the maximum wind I’ve ever flown in and I’m the only one flying because the other person there doesn’t feel confident to launch. If something happens at the other end of the beach I’ll be on my own. 

The adrenaline is definitely pumping now, 

anyway i don’t think about it too much and launch. 

Doing a scout run to make sure there’s no nasty surprises and get to my turning point and do a down turn (deadmans turn) and hold on!, here we go! 

This is the speed run I’ve been waiting for, the sand is good, wind slightly cross shore and there’s no one else on the beach for miles.

I can instantly feel the kite wants to go and trim to find the sweet spot,

 I’m building speed fast and expecting it to be a rough ride but things seem to smooth out the faster I’m going.

Cruising at 48mph and it’s time to push for that 50 I’ve come here to get, 

I increase bar pressure and now I’m shifting looking as far ahead as I can see to make double sure I don’t hit anything, the end of the runs coming up fast and I need to think about stopping so i depower the kite and send the buggy into a slide, 

after a good distance and the biggest drift I’ve ever done I’m still alive!. 

I know it was fast but was it good enough? Yes! I did it!, 50.6mph. I’m happy with that.

In all I spent about an hour on the beach and decided enough was enough as all my gear and myself are still in tack and the mood is high. I love kiting! 

Life’s a Beach 2024

CLCS & PKA Brings You: Life’s a Beach!

Date: July 20 – July 21st
Location: Pembrey Country ParkPembrey Country Park, Pembrey 
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire SA16 0EJ
Time: Arrive from 1:00 PM onwards on July 19th to set up and relax

Welcome Back to the Ultimate Land Sailing Extravaganza!

Brought to you by the dedicated members of Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club (CLSC), Life’s a Beach celebrates the vibrant land sailing community, including Kite Buggies, Land Boarding, BloKarts, X-Sails, and Mini Land Yachts. 


Event Highlights:

  • Epic Land Sailing: Race across the expansive 6 miles of hard sand at Pembrey. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, this is your chance to experience the thrill of land sailing.
  • BBQ Extravaganza: Enjoy a delectable BBQ feast with a variety of grilled delights, including vegetarian options. Perfect for refueling after a day of excitement.
  • Exciting Auction: Participate in a thrilling auction featuring unique and coveted items. Raise your paddle and place your bids, with all proceeds supporting a fantastic cause.
  • Socializing and Fun: Reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Share stories, laughs, and create memories with an incredible community of adventurers.
  • Honoring Chris Croft: Join us in a heartfelt tribute to Chris Croft. We’ll share stories and celebrate his enduring legacy together.

Event Details:

  • Arrival: July 19th from 1:00 PM onwards to set up and relax
  • Flying and Insurance: An incredible £60.00, covering insurance to fly on Saturday and Sunday
  • Non-Flying: Just £10.00 each for two nights of camping (Friday/Saturday) and access to all other activities

Note: Flying on Friday is reserved for CLSC members only and is not part of the event. Please also note that we cannot control the weather, and no refunds will be given if weather conditions are unfavorable.

Event Details:

Arrival: July 19th from 1:00 PM onwards to set up and relax
Flying and Insurance: An incredible £60.00
No Flying: Just £10.00 each for two nights of camping and access to everything else on offer

Get Your Tickets NOW!

This is your chance to be part of the most exhilarating event of the year. Don’t miss out on Life’s a Beach—secure your spot for a day of adventure, great food, and amazing company.

Tickets: Here

Gear up for an extraordinary day of kite buggies, kite boarding, and unforgettable fun. See you there! ?

Tom Mulligan Pushing the Limits Again

My deepest apologies for arriving late to the party! Tom uploaded this groundbreaking video in July 2022, and unbelievably, I’ve only just stumbled upon this masterpiece. Tom, aka RedSkyHorizon, has always been a trailblazer in the world of kite buggying, especially when it comes to squeezing every last mph from his kite and buggy. His incredible videos have captivated and inspired us all.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Tom for many years. He is the proud owner of the legendary Dominator 4 kite buggy, the last buggy I meticulously crafted for myself. No one was more thrilled than I was when Tom took the reins and pushed it to its ultimate limits. His collection of beautiful buggies is awe-inspiring, and in this video, he showcases his Sysmic S3 kite buggy, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum—a true marvel of engineering.

Tom, thank you for consistently raising the bar and for being a beacon of inspiration to generations of kite buggiers. Your passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence continue to elevate our sport to new heights.

Barry Sims Kite Buggying / Videographer

I stumbled upon Barry’s videos on Facebook and was instantly hooked by how they perfectly capture the exhilarating spirit of kite buggying. With 2 1/2 years of buggying under his belt, Barry’s passion shines through every clip. You can join his thrilling journey by watching Barry’s Short Story Movie Video featured in this article and dive deeper into the adventure on his channel, BuggyRider TV.

Barry was telling me about his Youtube Channel Buggy Rider TV

Over 40 videos now on there (June24). I usualy shoot at either Kempsey Kite Club in Wocester or Ainsdale Beach where Ainsdale Wind on Wheels are based. I flick between the two.

On my channel I try and get a video up every other week depending on wind of course. You will see on that channel videos from Kempsey, Ainsdale, Hoylake and even Brancaster Beach. I have been shooting a couple of years now.

The gear I use now includes GoPro, Insta360 and most recently the DJI AVATA 2. I always take time to get the editing right. For a 3 or 4 min video its probably a day of footage and another 4 or 5 hours editing.

Its a very niche sport but the channel is growing slowly. Most of my videos now get a few hundred views. The short story is just about to touch 1900 views.

Here is Barrys latest video

Popeyethewelder and the kite buggying community extend their warmest wishes to Barry, hoping for his continued success and growth in the exciting world of kite buggying. Barry’s dedication to capturing the thrill and beauty of this incredible sport has been an inspiration to many. His videos not only showcase his personal journey but also highlight the vibrant spirit of the kite buggying community. We eagerly look forward to seeing more of his adventurous escapades and artistic creations, knowing that his passion will continue to elevate the sport and bring joy to enthusiasts around the world.

There’s a new kid in the Elite Club

photo Jed Simon Jason

Huge congratulations to Dirk Hemza, also known as Screwyfits or Screwy Dye Jobs, for achieving a remarkable speed of 65.5mph (105.41km/h) at the recent IBX 2024 event held at the Ivanpah Lake bed in the Mojave Desert of San Bernardino County, California, on the border of California and Nevada.

Dirk, who has been kite buggying for as long as I can recall, is not only a talented kite buggier, but also one of the kindest individuals you could hope to meet. I had the privilege of meeting him and his father Dwane at Ivanpah back in 2011, his skills as a kite buggy builder is truly impressive.

Seeing Dirk join the Elite 100km/h club fills me with immense joy, especially witnessing him not just entering but exceeding expectations with a remarkable personal best jump, increasing his speed by over 5mph to reach 65.50mph.


Lovely Kite Buggy Footage from Chris Wright

New year’s Day 2024, this is my 2nd winter kiting and im desperate for a bit of adrenaline and…

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There’s a new kid in the Elite Club

photo Jed Simon Jason Huge congratulations to Dirk Hemza, also known as Screwyfits or Screwy Dye Job…

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