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Congratulations Bob….you did it !

It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure to announce a good friend of mine and one of this sports greatest ambassadors, a true gentleman, Bobby Muse has only gone and broken the 100km/h barrier, with a great 63,10mph or 101.55km/h, using an Apexx buggy on barrows and the same 2.7m PL Vapor that captured the world record a few weeks ago.

Around a year ago he moved to Henderson NV with his family,  this new home location just happens to be around 30 minutes drive away from Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, before that move his PB was 35mph….and now he has joined an exclusive club of the fastest buggiers in the world.  100km/h Club

Words from Bob    “Ivanpah was ROCKING  today!  I started out with the 3.4m HQ Prodigy and while I was ok in the steady winds, it was too much when the big stuff rolled through.  Walls of dust to show you that the big wind was coming.  In this wind, pebbles would hit your upwind side.  I’m guessing the gusts were hitting low to mid 30s.  I got tired of surviving the gusts with the 3.4m and went in to move down to the 2m Toxic to make it just a cruising day since I wasn’t really “feeling it” for going fast today even though I hit 52 mph with the Prodigya.  I was never overpowered with this kite and came in to move up a notch.  Launched the 3m Toxic and still wasn’t powered up too much.  This shows the power difference between a race kite and an intermediate kite.
After I came back in to change from the 3m, Brian Holgate arrived and coerced me to take out my now famous 2.7m Vapor.  Having barely flown this kite, I was surprised at how stable and steady it was.  This might be due in part to the 500 KG lines that Brian had on it for running in the speed buggy.  Nevertheless, it was a joy to fly and was properly powered for the winds.  The power comes on so strong and fast and the speed comes on like a jet taking off with this kite.  Getting used to this power up, I made a short run out and back and started working my way upwind for a real run.  On about the third run I got that pull that doesn’t seem to stop and hit 63.1 mph or 101.5 kph, knocking off another of my long term buggy goals.  I noticed that the Vredenstein tire on the front was showing threads as I turned around and decided to head in.
I noticed that going fast isn’t so scary when you have that magic situation of well balanced power in the kite.  The kite just seemed to glide when running at speed.  Thanks to Brian for talking me into going out with the Vapor.”

Only two weeks previously Bob broke the 60mph barrier with a 60.90mph,  and at the same time his 16 year old son Wexler broke the 50mph barrier with a 53.80 mph, which I believe to be a record for a 16 year old.

Well done Bob

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