The Count Down is on…..

Kieron Jansch

Even when the wind is not blowing we still have fun

For those of you who knew, please enjoy again. For those of you that didn’t or had left NABX early and missed this little video, please enjoy now.

Strange things happen at Buffalo Bill’s Hanging Tree bar after midnight 🙂 Even stranger plans are put into motion once too much alcohol, good company and rivers of laughter have taken their toll. 3hrs later and we were driving out into the desert with no sleep, toliet paper and a shiny kite buggy… Hmm:)

I’ve added a little sequence at the beginning to help set up the scene if you weren’t at NABX (Get well soon, Dean). Those of you with the free Flexifoil watches (yes, you know who you are) yep, you’ll get all the references. Please explain to those that didn’t.

So now, please sit back in your buggy and sample the delights of what can be achieved in no time at all with even less thought at 5am in a Nevada dawn.

Mark, Carl and Maria.

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