Brians Holgates 2nd World Record Attempt

Brian Holgate

Its great to see Brian back out there after getting the World Kite Buggy Speed record and not putting his feet up and saying, “well beat that”, he’s already out there trying to do just that, good on ya Brian, fly safe and keep pushing the limits

They were calling for rain in the morning but it didn’t show up till around 4. The winds were light and multi directional at first. Then it started to pick up. It eventually became sustained at around 25-30 gusting to 40mph

So I went out an started my runs. My first couple runs were a little slow. Hit arund 56mph. Came back to camp and made some adjustments, then went back out. The winds were starting to luff out with an occasional good gust. I was on what wound up being my last run and hit a gust. I was only able to get to 76mph before I sheared my left axle bolt. I slid for about 100′ before stopping. No harm done though. The buggy is heavy enough it didn’t roll. Didn’t break the record but I now have my camera angles dialed in.

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