Video of the Week -X- Pursuing The Dream

Pursuing the dream. A video of a long day with a small window of opportunity to come up with the result.

Started out leaving Sydney heading north in heavy rain, Dave Schuppe left around the same time from the mid north coast in NSW, between us by the end of the day we did 1000km, sunburnt, banged up bruised and pushed to the limits in the light winds we had to work with.

The movie covers the entire day, from start to finish, near misses, crashes and……..
The mission: Kite Side Axle Grab 360: Achieved.

Special thanks to Dave for driving such a long way for the day, supplying some new gopro 3’s and kite line rig for the unique angles. Much appreciated amigo, could not have done it without you.
Also special thanks to Flysurfer for their ongoing support over the years, I could not execute most of my ideas without the kick ass kites I get to fly.
It is only impossible if you don’t try!
Luke S.

Thank for continuing to bring us superb action Luke

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