Video of the Week – ROTOcam

My great friend RedSkyHorizon, has taken some time out, I have missed him and his brilliant videos so much because he always thinks outside the box….then out of the blue this video popped in my email….RSH is back


ROTOcam was an idea I’d been developing in my head for some time.

The idea was to get away from the usual buggy/rider mounted cameras and really try to get outside the buggy for a new perspective. I was encouraged early on by footage from my first field trial to pursue this idea.

Initially I expected to move the ROTOcam boom into position myself while riding but I soon realized that I could influence the boom’s motion without ever touching it.

To my surprise the boom would move with predictable and repeatable motion with simple inputs to kite and buggy. For example, downlooping the kite would spin the boom 360 and the boom would then return to it’s original parked position!

The result I think is quite strange. Its motion is anything but random and its almost like the boom has a life of it own or like having someone up there moving the boom around for you.

Adding or subtracting small weights would alter its natural resting position and so I could park the boom anywhere around the buggy I pleased.

Using the Dominator buggy made attaching bits and pieces to it very easy. A typical buggy axle may present an extra challenge but with additional supports could be accomplished fairly easily I’d should think.

The basic build ingredients I used for the ROTOcam are :

Flexifoil forks,
1 metre of 10mm threaded rod,
A landboard wheel with bearing
A telescopic fishing rod
Support bracket
Exhaust clamps
Zip ties

Mr Fusion power pack and NOS optional.

Screw one end of the ‘thread rod’ into the Flexifoil headstock and the other into the landboard wheel. Clamp a fishing pole to the wheel and clamp the forks to the buggy. Attach a camera and go.

Experiment and have fun!


Music : OMD

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