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AlterAventuras is the only company in Brazil offering kite buggy trips!

Jericoacoara – the perfect spot for the kite buggy

Jericoacoara is well-know for the trade winds that make it a perfect place for the practice of wind-based sports. Add to it more than 30 sand dunes, great extensions of beaches and grass lands and you have a paradise for kite buggying.

Kite buggy consists of a three-wheeled vehicle (tricycle) pulled by a kite similar to that used in kitesurfing. A perfect combination where man and nature come together to make the most of the environment and the wind with the only goal of having maximum contact with the natural environment.

AlterAventuras is involved with the mapping of special routes for the practice of KITE BUGGY. In January 2011, we traveled 110 km from Jeri to the beach of Bitupitá, located on the border with the State of Piauí. In June 2012 we will embark on another adventure, we will travel from Natal (the state capital of Rio Grande do Norte) to Jericoacoara using wind power only, totaling approximately 1000 km and passing by over one hundred beaches.
The main purpose of a Kite Buggy expedition is to discover and experience nature up close, and also to make direct contact with the various touristic spots so that they take up the activity as well. The intention of an expeditions is to take the Kite Buggy as yet another attraction when visiting a place.

Environmentally-friendly option

Our company is providing an environmentally-friendly alternative (hence our company name) as there are already more than 200 traditional buggies and quads in Jericoacoara generating a lot of degradation, erosion of the dunes and trails, noise and environmental pollution of water and air. Now you can take advantage of our offer and no longer be just another tourist. Do something in agreement with the environment and don’t contribute to the degradation of this so unique and special place in Brazil.

Our trips

We offer two trip options:

1-Trip onto the sand dunes of the National Park.             This trip has a minimum duration of twenty minutes and covers two dunes: Pôr do Sol(the best known),and Coca Cola dune. The cost of the trip is R$20 per person.             Note: you can schedule longer trips on the many dunes of the park (there are more than 30 of them)     

2-Trip to the mouth of river Guriú with a short canoe trip to see the Seahorses            We will take you 12 km along the beach up to the mouth of the river,the boundary of the Jericoacoara National Park. On the way back, we will stop to see seahorse in their natural habitat (included in the price). The duration of the trip is one hour and a half and costs R$40 per person (max. two people). Note: on the way to Guriú the kite buggy uses solely the power of wind (downwind) and on the way back a small motor is connected to the vehicle (upwind).

We also offer tailor-made trips on the known routes such as to Tatajuba or Lagoa do Paraíso. In addition, you can book downwinds with us with the option of bringing companions and spare equipment.Find out more in the section Kitesurfing&downwind.

To learn to pilot a kite buggy go to the section Kite buggy lessons.

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