Popeyethewelder.com Gets Hacked

Thank you for bearing with us the last couple of days

Late on the 7th Jan 2013 popeyethewelder.com was hack and almost destroyed by a well known Hacker who has hacked into hundreds of websites, probably via a robot that targets random sites.

I woke on the 8th to find the site completely unusable, only the Hackers calling card was visible…..I had no idea what to do, so I called my friend Kieron Jansch who was also the brains behind setting this whole website up for me.



Kieron Jansch is probably the best Kite builder in the world, he has also made some of the best Buggying videos that have ever been produced, and recently Kieron has moved more deeply into the world of Videography/Film Making, and right now is in the process of collecting backers for a Film he is making called the COMMON, please take a look at the link, he already has 70 backers, but time is running out, if you would like to back Kieron, and the COMMON project, please do and soon, I know Kieron will be extremely grateful, plus you would also be helping one of our own. EVERY LITTLE HELPS.

Obviously Keiron is very busy, I really didn’t want to call him, he dropped everything and started trying to find a backdoor into the website, during the day I was getting updates, until finally I got a text saying he was in and it didn’t look too bad.

When I arrived home I had a look at the site, and to be honest, it was a complete mess, text was all over the place, it would have taken a life time to check and correct all the damage, plus the hacker had deleted a lot of the structure of the site. We agreed we would do a reinstall, my last back up was the 14th Dec 2012. For some reason the reinstall also went wrong…twice, instead of the site returning to the 14th Dec, it returned to the 31st July 2012….almost half the sites data lost.

Late on the 8th I contacted the sites web host, and asked if they had a more recent backup and if so to reinstall that backup.

When I checked the site the following morning I was pleasantly surprised to see the site had returned to the beginning of Jan 2013, and I had only lost a couple of Blog posts.

Thank you Kieron for your continued support, I sincerely hope your Film project gets fully funded, because I for one, cannot wait to see the results.


If you have recently sent me a new speed PB, please check the records to make sure the Records are up-to-date. If not please contact us asap.

Finally, we think the site is pretty much back to normal, but should you find any faults, please let us know.

Thank you all once again


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