Mano Dirix = Epic Jump

The Story of today.

The forecast was looking very good for today. So I Jumped in my car this morning and went to the beach.

After a first look at Brouwersdam I decided to go to Ouddorp. The surface was really bumpy so I though, this will be the perfect jump session.

I took my combat 8.6 , what was definitely to big and go out for some jumps. I said to Maikel, “grap my phone because I knew the next jump would be be sick”.

So I pushed hard and prepared the jump.

Mano Dirix, getting serious....epic jump with a fuul blown race buggy

Mano Dirix, getting serious….epic jump with a fuul blown race buggy












It was really epic, and a great feeling! After some more jumps. we both decided to hit some speed runs. We raced until the sun vanished into the sea, and I hit a top speed of 83km/u with my combat 5

Mano Dirix

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