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Rules and Regulations

There has been a discussion taking place on the Facebook NABX thread regarding the new rules for the following Kite Buggy World Records

1/ Top Buggy Speed

2/ Top Ice Buggy Speed

3/ 24hr Distance Records team and solo




I had followed the Team 24hr distance ruling stating 3GPS units must be used, the middle reading being the one submitted, if one unit fails the lower of the two units data is submitted, if only one unit records the data then the record is void, as that unit could have a rogue reading.

Some thought 3 GPS units was too much and said it should be two, not allowing for any failures.

I think as a buggying community we should have a simple a set of rules as possible and not over complicate what should be a relatively simple record to validate.

I would like anyone who may be interested to have their input to come up with three rule that will illiminate any doubt over a world record claim.


For instance mine would be….

  1. Two GPS units minimum are to be used, the lower of the two readings is the one submitted, if one unit fails, the record is not valid. If three units are used the middle reading is the one submitted.
  2. The data/trip log from any one of the GPS units MUST be submitted, this proves where you were and when you did the record.
  3. At least one responsible witness, (two is better) must be present at  all times for safety and validation purposes, they must check the GPS units have been reset/zero’d before the buggy moves.

Other data would also be highly desirable, like video footage, especially if the video was showing live GPS readings, photographs of all the GPS Units with the displays in view, a good write up, basically the more information you give us the easier and quicker it will be for us to validate your record.

Please note all other PBs and other record categories the normal GPS photo and a few words will suffice as usual

So those are my proposed rules, I would really like buggiers to submit their own idea for the rules, and then we can take an average, as you will never please everyone.

I will publish all submitted rules, and go with the most sensible and asked for rules

Please send your three rules HERE , The existing rules are here Existing  Set Of Rules

This will stay open for you to put forward your Three Rules that will elliminate any doubt from the submitted World  Record until, Monday 19th March 2012 UK time


I am hoping I will have the support here from the majority of the buggying community, I have asked for criteria to use to determine Kite Buggying World Records, thanks to everyone who sent an entry in…I looked at them all in great detail, and went with the majority and also the most sensible set of rules.

Just to update this post, its now the 19th March 2012, and the NEW Revised set of rules are 

Kite Buggy Rules for World Records and Personal Bests 19.03.2012

to download


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