The World 24hr Solo Disance Record Broken Yet Again….Amazing

This morning 5th Aug 2013,  I have received news from Stefan Berkner from Germany, proclaiming to be the solo 24hr distance record holder… be honest, I am not going to lie, I thought this can’t be true, it will be a spoof or there will be World Record Criteria missing. Well, all the criteria is there, more than enough GPSs were used, I also have all the track logs from each GPS, photos of the GPSs, even a video at the end of the run, and the GPSs videod as he stopped. It was also completely documented throughout the 24 hours.


1035Km or 643.11 miles Stefan Berkner  G2107 aka Ska

I imagined Gerds record to stand for many many years, we were only talking about it this weekend at a buggy meeting, and now this record over 100 miles further, truly remarkable, and yet another distance record achieved on the beaches of Fano Denmark

Hi Carlos,

a couple of days ago I broke the current world record in solo kite buggying.

I attached the gps tracks of three gps devices as well as a picture of them showing the result. Also you can find the finishing video below.

Also, here is the english translation of the protocol posted previously at

If you need anything else feel free to contact me.

cheers, Stefan

Stefan Berkner 1035km WR

Stefan Berkner 1035km WR

Many more photos can be seen HERE



Stefan Berkner G2017 aka Ska

Stefan Berkner G2107 aka Ska

08:00am / getting up
09:00am / breakfast, driving to the beach
10:30am / equipment check, attaching the gps to the buggy
10:40am / wind: wsw 9-13kn, start with zebra z3 6.5m²
11:50am / wind: wsw 12-15kn, peter lynn vapor 5.4m²
12:00pm / notifying the other drivers at the beach
12:30pm / wind: wsw 15-19kn, peter lynn vapor 3.8m², short break
02:00pm / wind: w 16-22kn, peter lynn vapor 2.7m², 156km
02:10pm / wind: w 16-22kn, peter lynn vapor 3.8m²
03:30pm / wind: wsw 15-21kn
03:50pm / wind: wsw 15-21kn, 250km, short break
06:00pm / wind: wsw 16-21kn
06:55pm / wind: wsw 14-18kn, short break, changing the batteries, 412km
07:45pm / wind: wsw 13-19kn, peter lynn vapor 5.4m²
09:25pm / wind: wsw 14-19kn, changing the bearing in front tire, attaching the lamp to helmet and snap light sticks to the rear axle
09:40pm / wind: wsw 14-19kn, loosing presure in front tire, changing front tire
10:00pm / adding snap light sticks near the turning points

01:00am / wind: wsw 13-19kn, adding 40 smaller snap light sticks along the track
01:30am / wind: wsw 11-18kn, short rain (a few drops)
02:30am / wind: w 12-18kn
02:50am / wind: wnw 12-16kn, short break, changing the batteries again, 742km
03:30am / wind: nw 11-17kn, zebra z3 6.5m²
04:30am / wind: w 9-13kn, short break, peter lynn vapor 7.8m², 795km
06:00am / removing the snap light sticks
06:30am / wind: w 9-15kn, short break, 872km
08:00am / wind: w 10-15kn
09:00am / wind: w 10-17kn, short break, peter lynn vapor 5.4m², 963km
09:45am / wind: w 14-21kn, peter lynn vapor 3.8m²
10:00am / storm from west
10:20am / storm starts with lightning over the sea, aborting

10:30am / first congratulations from other kiters
10:40am / packaging all stuff during the rain, driving home, breakfast

total distance within 24h: 1035km – new world record
time in motion: 22:10h
average speed: 46,7km
driver: Stefan Berkner aka Ska (G2107)
track on kitetrax:

Support: Vera K., Martin H., Christian B., Tobias P, Michael P.

libre protask, peter lynn vapor 2.7m², 3.8m², 5.4m², 7.8m², zebra z3 6.5m²
peter lynn radical harness, ball bearing snatch block
3 garmin foretrex 101, 1 garming foretrex 301, 24 batteries
cm3 led lamp with cree xm-l t6 led
a lot of snap light sticks

The tracks taken from Stefans log, shows the length of run to be 2.62km, meaning a total of around 197 runs up and down the beach

The tracks taken from Stefans log, shows the length of run to be 2.62km, meaning a total of around 395 runs and turns, or 197 ‘there and backs’ up and down the beach


What a superb achievement Stefan, on behalf of kite buggiers around the world many congratulations to you, and to put this into perspective, Stefans distance is further than Inverness in northern Scotland to Plymouth in southern England

To give you an idea of the distance covered 642 miles Inverness to Plymouth

To give you an idea of the distance covered 642 miles Inverness to Plymouth

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