Other Buggying Records

PL Speed Buggy 14

PL Speed Buggy 14

Gerd and Petra after both becoming World Record Holders

Gerd and Petra after both becoming World Record Holders

Jay, Grass Buggy Record

World Best Jay Taylor with 62.10mph on GRASS !

Stephan van Bommel H300....Big Air

Stephan van Bommel H300….Big Air

First to cross the Sahara by Kite Buggy05/2009Mad Way South - Geoff Wlison, Garth Freeman, Steve Gurney & Craig Hansen3476.180.00This record was supported by a team26 Days
Kite Bike Distance2010Peter Foulks aka Gannet342.790.00Raced with Plummet on a landboard who did a remarkable 240.00km24hrs
Kite Buggy Distance12hrs 06/2011Ziggy Racek466.390.00From Canada and done the record at Fano12hrs
Fastest Buggy Kite - Peter Lynn 2.7 Vapor 03/2012Brian Holgate0.00135.34
Kenda Beach Racer Tyres on a Buggy (Fastest)08/2019RedSkyHorizon0.00112.33Many have said Kenda Beach Racers caused too much drag and were too slow, this proves otherwise
Fastest LEI in a buggy 09/2011RedSkyHorizon aka Tom0.00106.21LEI used 7m Cabrinha Crossbow
Fastest Depower in a Buggy04/2011Brian Holgate0.00128.26On 11/apr/12

9.5 F-arc (pl)


PL Speedbuggy

50mph barrier - Yougest Person to Break 50mph in a kite buggy08/2013 Nicolas Jackson Dk123 - 14 years and twelve days 0.0083.20Record set on   24-8-13

Rømø south beach Denmark

Wind 10.5 m/s

Kite  Zebra z2    4.3m'   14m line

Buggy  BBS concept
Standard Flexifoil Buggy - worlds fastest04/2010Ginge aka Will McKean0.00101.71Done at the Pre Event at NABX 2010
Furthest distance on a Landboard in 24hrs07/2012Fernando Valladares272.500.00on the weekend 21-22 July 2012 at the spot of Zalduendo (Burgos, Spain). I had Juan Romero Calvente from the Spanish Kite Buggy Association (AEKB) as official referee, I used two TRAMPA boards (long and short, both with springs) and two Ozone kites (Frenzy 9 meters and Access 6 m).24hrs
Bigfoot wheels - Fastest05/2013Stephan van Bommel0.00110.00Along with achieing the European speed record, the fastest speed in the world on sand, the fastest speed achieved by bigfoot wheels in the world was also set
Furthest distance traveled in the Dunes within 12hrs11/2014Peter Foulkes aka Gannet/Kitezone Muriwai309.000.00We just had a mini Moose weekend in the Dunes, I did the Furthest distance traveled in the Dunes within 12hrs

Starting at 6.40am Saturday to 6.40 pm
Distance; 309km
Witnesses;  Lawrence Simpson ,Rexton Lamb , Conrad Stephens , Deano Beano
Wind; WSW 15 to 20 knot
Kite ; 2 of Ozone prototype chrono
Fastest Side Ride Buggy

One Buggy, two pilots, two kites
Record measured via 2 etrex & a smartphone

Wind was 9-11m/s & 4-10 degrees NNE

Place - Brouwersdam

Jan - Libre Vampire Race Pro 7.7m

Joey - PKD Joy 2m

Fastest Buggy Speed with a Rigid Kite -04/2012Chip Brown0.0090.44Record set at Ivanpah USA
Fastest Speed on Kite Skates04/2012Dan Spiegel
0.0075.80I flew Ozone Frenzy 7m and this was witnessed by Dean Hamlet.



Muriwai Beach, New Zealand
Kite Skate 24hr Distance Record04/2013Dan Spiegel
216.000.00Mooseland, New Zealand
Fastest Pilot on European Soil2013Stephan van Bommel 2013

Maikel Boels 2013
Longest Cross Country distance in 24hrs10/2014Craig Hansen & Gav Mulvay260.000.00This was part of the Mad way Mongolia  trip, which was plagued by head winds or nothing at all24hrs
The Fastest Speed in a Kite Buggy with a Two Line Kite1998Andrew Beattie0.00103.00This record was achieved with a PL Folding Buggy and 2 line 7.7m chevron Kite

Many thanks to:
My crew on the day (Matt Hurrell, Steve Webb, John Gabby),
Dave Culp (sorry you had to leave that one day early), to my
mentor, Peter Lynn, and to Corey for organising the venue.
Most consecutive 360s in a Buggy without stopping04/2015Craig Sparkes0.000.00The world record stands at 10 consecutive 360s in a kite buggy on the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed 2015
Most Buggies towed by one pilot, one buggy and one kite04/2015Dennis Timmer0.000.00Having three other buggies fixed to his own, Dennis towed three other buggies around using one kite....4 buggies, one man, one kite (HQ Beamer 2.0)
2 Pilots, 2 Kites & 2 WheelsPeter Foulkes and Al Noblet0.0028.30Wind; SSW 5 knots
Kites; 12m Chrono and 13m Frenzy
Beach; Muriwai southern end
Max speed; 28.3 km/hr
Witnesses;  Andreas and Theresa Hamschmidt
Longest Unsupported Kite Buggy Journey06/2016Gavin Mulvay and Joe Steffert took just 65 days to achieve this epic distance record5377.000.00This epic journey was done in Mongolia

search Mongolia on this website for more info and photos
63 days
Furthest Distance Travelled Across Country in 24hrs06/2016Gav Mulvay and Joe Steffert317.000.00Achieved during part of the Madway Mongolia 16 trip24hrs
Fastest Female on a Kite Bike21/04/2018Theresa Hamschmidt aged 140.0049.70At Yeppoon QLD Australia
Wind, SE 15 knots
Kite, 13m Ozone Chrono V2
Kite bike Female 24hr distance record 21/04/2018Theresa Hamschmidt 14 years old128.000.0024 hr distance 128 km ( 5 hour session )
At Yeppoon QLD Australia
Wind, SE 15 knots
Kite, 13m Ozone Chrono V2