Grass Buggying, Fastest

Jay, Grass Buggy Record

World Best Jay Taylor with 62.10mph on GRASS !

I’d done some fast runs that morning, while riding with Steve Mcquillan and Keith Large – just out having a bit of fun and an inevitable bit of friendly rivalry! I happened across what turned out to be a really good line running across the curvature of the hill and as it came flat the kite really loaded up. With this good line in mind, I lined up for another run. With a big grin on my face, I edged past Keith fairly quickly. Just to see what would happen, I put in a couple of loops and just kept pumping the bar. With each pump, there was a a further burst of speed. It was about this point that I looked at my front wheel and noticed that the tyre was folding over, my swan neck was cranked over and my back wheel was starting to lift; as Keith said after, I looked like a oversize lawn mower from the grass I was throwing up! Everything got a bit blurry as I came to the flat; the kite really loaded up. I went with it for a bit and that’s when I had to start thinking of slowing down or, better yet, stopping! I slowly sent the kite to the zenith, released the bar pressure and started to slow down. As I started scrubbing off speed I put the kite into a down loop and turned in to the kite to slow down more before power sliding to a stop. I checked my GPS and that’s when I saw the 62mph on the screen! I was stoked – I took a slow ride back to the other side of the field were I started, downed the kite and had a moment as that was really scary. I’ve never been quite so scared but that was fun!!

The best bit was riding with some great mates – what a weekend at Wallop Reloaded!

Jay Taylor

10m Speed 1
Libre buggy
“Information sourced from Vligarforum, Kitecrowd, Power Kite Forum, Racekites, Kite Force Hungary and directly submitted data.”

99.9462.10Jay TaylorEngland
84.1752.30David Ursell England
83.3651.80Kieron JanschEngland
49.8931.00Simon JefferyEngland
43.4527.00Dom CheshireEngland
39.7524.70Donny AKA Donaldgould USA
36.0522.40Neil ClarkeEngland