Buggy Towing 2 Buggies, 3 Kites Fastest

70.2043.62Jan (H83), Peter (H82) & Dirk (BHolland

kite’s from PKD, the Joy 4.0m2, 3.0m2, 3.0m2 where used, winds were up to 25-30 knots.

After a little cruising an trying we just tried to get faster and faster, but the wind-speed got less and one of the tires slowly ran flat, so the speedometer stopped at 70.2 km/h – 43.62 MPH, on the way back to the base-camp Dirk ejected forward out of the third buggy an got ran over by it, to bad we couldn’t take a picture of his wetsuit with the wet and muddy tire-track over his chest, better luck next time