24hr Distance Attempt Rules

24hr Solo and Team Distance Rules


The good thing about both these records are, you do not have to be into racing, have a big buggy or fly the best kites, its about stamina and endurance….anyone with a buggy a kite and a GPS that will last for 24hrs can in reality become the world best.


Solo We have tried to keep the solo record as straight forward as possible….the rules are quite simple.

  • The distance must be done within one 24hour period.
  • The record must be done on a natural surface.
  • Using a harness or hot wiring (kite fixed to buggy with quick release) is allowed.
  • Stop as often and for however long you wish to.

This record is not recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, it is though recognized among fellow buggiers around the world, that is enough for us to allow “Bragging Rights”, much the same as the World Speed Record, that was in fact set using three GPS units, to stop any arguments, if there is any difference, the middle GPS is recorded Have witnesses and a team around you for support who know what they are doing, use at least two GPS units or preferably three, stop as and when you like, the choice is yours (even go home to bed and start again in the morning)….but the record must be done within one 24hr period. You may hot wire, although only one person has done this. Plan, plan plan, think of everything, the time of the year, will the beach be busy, will you be able to see during the night (wait for a full moon) Knowledge is everything, read the Solo 24hrs Write Ups You can rest and arm….you can rest a leg, but you cannot rest your ribs, so think about that area of your body, regarding clothing, and wear the best fitting harness if you can, it is the smaller details that get forgotten, its those details that become major issues towards the end of your 24hr endurance

Remember, with the Solo or Team, it is MUST to have a team of people around you who know what you are doing and to support you throughout the whole event


Team A team of Three (one pilot flying at a time, done on rotation) to be considered a world record…again witnesses, gps’s obviously, as with all kite buggying records, they must be made on natural surfaces only, in the team event no hot wiring is allowed. Please read the write ups and learn from their experiences Official FISLEY RULES

  • Make sure you have valid kite buggy insurance for any third party accidents.
  • A team to go for the record must be three people.
  • No Buggy Lap belts are allowed.
  • No Hot Wiring (Kite fixed to buggy).
  • Buggy must not weigh more than 60kgs.
  • Each Team will require a minimum of two GPS units, recording distance recorded in kilometers to attach to the buggy being used for the event
  • You can physically swap GPS units between the buggies at the start of each session so the pilot can use his own buggy.
  • GPS units to be set to Zero at the start of each session
  • If only using two GPS units and one fails, you will record zero for that session, as the lowest recorded reading for that session is recorded, that’s why three GPS units are better than two.
  • When using three GPS units, the middle reading is recorded, if two GPS units fail you will record zero for that session.

Planning is very important, it may be a very busy time on your coast line with holiday makers on the beach….also pick a 24hr period when the moon is full, that will help light up the night sky….all the team 24hr events in Europe are held during a full moon for this reason.

Good luck with any attempts, stay safe, stay awake and have fun