The Ivanpah Buggy

Well, the prototypes are done and ready to be loaded for the trip down to NABX. We should be on the playa by the time you read this post. We will be getting some better shots of the buggy’s in action for all of you and hopefully some riders reviews on the bugs. Here are a couple shots of the buggies in front of our shop ready to be loaded up.

Special thanks to Popeye The Welder for all his inspiration and constant e-mails on the build. Another special thanks to Buggy Bags for doing an awesome job on the seats, splash guards, rail pads and bags.

Hope you all like them and better yet, hope you all get a chance to run them across the playa!!!!

The Ivanpah buggy has been designed by kite flyers all over the world to keep up with the high speed performance that todays race kites demand. With its extra long rear axle, rigid cross braced frame, balanced weight distribution, higher “cockpit style” frame rails, dropped swan neck and interactive roll cage, the Ivanpah buggy delivers the highest possible performance combined with the most comfortable ride while maximizing safety and stability.

The Ivanpah buggy is the strongest built production buggy on the planet and it is backed with a 5 year limited warranty to prove it.

The High Polished Stainless Steel version of the Ivanpah buggy (top picture) is made completely from T304 and T316 stainless steel and sports an infinate adjustable downtube, extra wide adjustable foot pegs, 20mm rear axle bolts, 20mm stainless steel front axle shaft, solid one piece T316 seamless 2″ stainless
steel rear axle and T304 3/8″ stainless steel front fork plates. This buggy is built for the extreme racer that demands the best!

The powdercoated steel version (lower picture) is made from a mixture of 4130 Chrome Molly tubing and carbon steel plates and maintain all the same strengths and thicknesses as the stainless steel buggy and is every bit as durable. The steel version gives us the ability to customize the buggy for the rider in nearly any color imaginable. Ultra hard baked powder coatings come in a huge assortment of colors and we can even mix-n-match colors for that special customized look (like a red / white / blue buggy).

We will contact you and discuss your color choices at the time of your order. Seats, bags and rail pads are available in 4 colors, Red (shown above), Blue (also shown above), Yellow and Black.

The Ivanpah buggy dares you to compare against other buggies on the market, you won’t find a stronger more comfortable full race production buggy!

The Ivanpah buggy is based off of the designs of Popeye The Welder, famous for building some of the best built custom buggies in the UK. With cooperation from Popeye and added input from the best buggy racers in the world, the Ivanpah buggy design has become a reality and sets the standards in which all other buggies will be measured up to. Finally a production full race buggy for the racing market without the expense of custom “one-off” fabrication.

The Ivanpah buggy was first introduced at the U.S. annual NABX event and was a solid hit! Everyone who sat in the new Ivanpah buggy was immediatly impressed with the comfort and overall design…those that rode it wanted to take it home!

A Wind Of Change, Made in the USA